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Jungle themed Lotto Bingo is fully magnetic making it perfect for taking out and about. With 20 fun picture cards, 4 magnetic Lotto Bingo Boards, 36 Magnetic Bingo tokens and a fabric bag to keep all of your pieces safely stored. Match up the lions, tigers, monkeys and more. Choose a magnetic lotto bingo board, take it in turns to pick a picture card from the pile and if you have a match, use your magnetic 'bingo!' token to mark your board. Who'll be the first to get a full house and shout BINGO! Works with 2-4 players.


Fully Magnetic.

Perfect for 2-4 players.

20 picture cards.

4 lotto bingo boards.

36 bingo tokens.

Fabric bag for storage.



All contained in a magnetic closure box.


Recommended age 3+

Lotto bingo

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