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Little artists are going to love Tiger Tribe’s Outer Space neon colour set! This extraterrestrial drawing set is packed with astronauts, planets, stars, aliens & more. All set against a contrasting black background to make those neon shades pop!

This vibrant drawing set has been designed with portable play in mind, meaning it’s perfect for travelling and on-the-go kids. Everything creative kids need comes in the handy self-contained box. At just 14cm x 21cm, this kids colouring set can be chucked into small backpacks. Even better, it has a magnetic flap to keep the colouring pens and stickers safely stashed away.

The Tiger Tribe Neon Colouring Set is ideal for developing kids’ creativity and dexterity skills as they colour in each space creature. Helps to encourage mindfulness and relaxation and is a great alternative to screen time!

Neon Colouring Set product features:

36 colouring in pages

3 sticker sheets

3 double-ended neon marker pens

Compact storage box with 2 drawers

Suitable for 5 years +

Neon colouring

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